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Elias the story, the vision

Having always been fascinated by rare and exotic colored gemstones, my passion has led me to span the globe in search of these magnificent treasures and fulfilling this desire by working with Tanzanites which are not only rare but also found in only one place on the planet, my home country.

Through the years, I have dedicated myself to establishing a network of the most reliable and reputable sources for these unique masterpieces of nature.

My vision is to create a unique, master-crafted jewellery line of unsurpassed glamour. A line capturing all the allure and beauty of this rare gem while expressing the journey it has taken to become so magical. Every one of a kind piece in my collection is luxuriously hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail that highlights the spectacular beauty and vibrancy of its conversational gemstone.


Farook Elias


Elias – Heritage

Heritage, the family, the legacy

“known for more than 50 years of passion and commitment”

ELIAS. Known for the magic we bring to Tanzanites. Known for the devotion to quality that only a family run business can bring to jewellery. And known for more than 50 years of passion and commitment to the finest Tanzanites in the world.

ELIAS was established in 1963 by the goldsmith Farook Elias, who, after having studied and worked internationally in various jewellery houses around the world, came back to Tanzania and opened a small workshop. Farook has a rich heritage in the gem and jewellery trade dating back to the 1800’s. With the innate passion decided to take the business further by creating a high-end jewellery brand following his family’s heritage.

Amina Elias, his wife, who is a goldsmith and designer like her husband, joined the company in 1988. Anwar, his son, assumed management in 2003, Pierre Farnsworth, a close family friend if Elias’s became commercial director in 2009.

The family-run house has a solid and well-established reputation as a luxury brand, not only throughout East Africa, but also in many other parts of the world.


Elias – Portfolio

The jewellery, unique, classic and timeless

Our collection of unique, classic and finely designed jewellery pieces stands in a class of their own. Accent is on a mixture of timeless designs and contemporary creations, superbly set and crafted in Platinum, Gold or Silver.

Whether it’s a selection from one of our readymade pieces or loose gemstones or sitting down with one of our designers to design make and exclusive custom piece, Elias delivers not only satisfaction on design but a true guarantee of Quality.

Elias, since 1963

Discreetly known for the finest Tanzanites

Buyer’s guide

One the most intriguing and desirable gemstones in modern times, Tanzanite is the glacial queen amidst jewels. Only discovered in 1967, Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones with only a single known source at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and its supply is finite.

Gemmologists and gemstone graders at Elias Jewellers have created this clear and authoritative grading standard to help a consumer understand the variations in quality and price of this rare and precious stone. In a similar way to Diamonds, Tanzanite is graded according to the 4 C’s: colour, clarity cut and carat. The higher the combination if these characters, the more rare and valuable the stone. Understand and check all the 4 C’s before purchasing your Tanzanite.

Always ask for a certificate for the Tanzanite you buy and make sure the certificate is authorised either by a recognised institute or a certified credential gemmologist or gemstone grader. The recipient of this report may wish to consult a credential jeweller or gemmologist about the information contained herein. Since the colour, cut and clarity grades of Tanzanite often represent ranges of appearance, whenever possible, individuals should view the Tanzanite rather than relying solely on the report information before making purchases.


Grading chart



AA            VIVID

A               INTENSE

AB            MODERATE

B               PALE

Colour refers to quality and its degree of saturation. The depth of colour ranges from Exceptional to Pale. Stones are split into one of the five different colour classifications depending on the intensity of the colour, regardless whether they are more violet or blue.



EC             EYE CLEAN




Clarity refers to any natural inclusions or blemishes in the Tanzanite. Clarity grades are given according to the coloured stone system of type I, type II and type III gemstones. Tanzanite ranges from internally Flawless, Eye clean, to Heavily included.








Cut refers to a Tanzanite’s angles and proportions. An “Excellent” cut means that the stone reflects light to create a maximum brilliance.



Carat Weight is the term used to measure a Tanzanite’s weight. One carat has 100 points and weighs 1/5 of a gram.


Elias – Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship, the art of jewellery making

ELIAS jewellery is mostly handcrafted at the company’s workshop on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. This allows Farook and Amina to work closely with each other and the team of highly skilled goldsmiths and gemstone cutters who have been under the guidance of Farook Elias for years. Farook was born in Zanzibar to parents who had been in Zanzibar for 3 generations and after his studies and experiences in various areas of the jewellery industry, Zanzibar had to be his choice, the island being rich in his family history.

In a historically filled atmosphere, with a line of craftsmanship the Diamonds and Tanzanites are cut to perfection with the traditional cutting method.

The same traditional tools are being used to compose breath-taking jewellery as was done generations ago. In an effort to keeping up with modern and better techniques, a process of mixing the old implements with the new techniques have been formulated to ensure and improved quality final products. Creating fine jewellery is a lengthy handmade process. From the hand that draws the designs to the hands that assembles the magnificent pieces of jewellery, great care is taken with every step in the making of elegance.

Having very high standards in jewellery manufacturing, each craftsman takes several days to finish a unique piece. With nine generations of skills and training we create our exceptional jewellery for you to take pleasure from…

“ELIAS jewellery is mostly handcrafted at the company’s workshop on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar”

“This allows Farook and Amina to work closely with each other and the team of highly skilled goldsmiths and gemstone cutters who have been under the guidance of Farook Elias for years”


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