Elias – Heritage

Heritage, the family, the legacy

“known for more than 50 years of passion and commitment”

ELIAS. Known for the magic we bring to Tanzanites. Known for the devotion to quality that only a family run business can bring to jewellery. And known for more than 50 years of passion and commitment to the finest Tanzanites in the world.

ELIAS was established in 1963 by the goldsmith Farook Elias, who, after having studied and worked internationally in various jewellery houses around the world, came back to Tanzania and opened a small workshop. Farook has a rich heritage in the gem and jewellery trade dating back to the 1800’s. With the innate passion decided to take the business further by creating a high-end jewellery brand following his family’s heritage.

Amina Elias, his wife, who is a goldsmith and designer like her husband, joined the company in 1988. Anwar, his son, assumed management in 2003, Pierre Farnsworth, a close family friend if Elias’s became commercial director in 2009.

The family-run house has a solid and well-established reputation as a luxury brand, not only throughout East Africa, but also in many other parts of the world.